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Share the Cryo-Save experience!

If you have a friend / acquaintance customer of Cryo-Save, you receive a discount of € 50 on the service fee. Also your friend / acquaintance receives a voucher worth €50.

Introduce a Friend


  • This offer is reserved to Cryo-Save customers only.
  • You will receive a gift card after your friend (or colleague, relative, acquaintance f.i.) has settled the subscription fee. Your friends need to inform us in writing that you have introduced them, preferably containing your reference number (ID) as well.
  • Your friend will receive a reduction of €50,- on the service fee.
  • Cryo-Save will send you a gift card worth €50,- which can be spent at Hema or Prénatal.
  • You will receive a gift card for every new registered customer you have.
  • If your friend decides not to confirm order, we can unfortunately not grant you a gift card.
  • Validity: This offer is valid indefinitely for customers who register from the 20th of August 2011, until the offer is terminated.